Mark's Certified 4 Point Insurance Inspections

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The 4 Point Insurance Inspection originated after Hurricane Andrew struck Florida in 1992. It is performed for the insurance companies, and is often a requirement by the underwriter for older homes. We are able to provide inspections for all carriers in the State of Florida including Citizens Insurance.

The 4 Point Insurance Inspection consists of a visual inspection of the following 4 components:

1. Roof
2. Electrical system
3. HVAC (Heat, Ventilation & Air Conditioning)
4. Plumbing

The insurance companies expect the condition of the 4 components to be in general good working condition within the manufacturer’s specifications. In older homes, the insurance companies want to know that these 4 systems have been updated.

Here is the criteria that is used to judge the components:

    * Current operating conditions.
    * Scheduled maintenance requirements.
    * Expected service life.

The 4 Point Insurance Inspection programs will probably continue to expand as insurance companies recognize the value and savings benefits that it provides to the insurance carrier. Mark Orman is proud to offer 4 Point Insurance Inspections as part of his full line of inspection services. Your appointment will be scheduled quickly and your report will be emailed to you and your insurance agent the next business day.

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