As a Licensed General Contractor, Mark has had over 10 years "hands on" experience in the construction field. As a real estate investor, Mark has bought and sold over 100 properties! Many of them were run-down pre-foreclosures.

Why Call Mark's Home Inspections?

You're spending a good amount of money having your future castle built. Don't throw away dollars to save pennies. Don't let your dream become a nightmare due to inept sub-contractors. You try clothes on before you buy them, don't you? Do you take that dream car for a ride before you sign the sales contract, or just take the salesman's word for it that it will ride nicely? Hire a Licensed General Contractor to oversee each phase of the construction of your new home.

Mark Orman is well versed in the following:

    * Local codes
    * Phase construction
    * Set-backs
    * Material standards
    * Blueprints

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